Your Safety is Non-Negotiable: The Beverly Carter Story

Carl CarterCarl Carter

Carl Carter, Jr., son of Beverly Carter, delivers a powerful presentation on REALTOR® safety that only someone with his background and experience could deliver. His story and presentation is an impactful combination of harrowing details involving his mother's story and practical industry anecdotes and takeaways. Carl's mission is to take his mother's experience and use it as inspiration to make positive changes in agents' lives and business. 



  • Educate the audience about the dangers of working in the real estate industry
  • Share Beverly Carter's tragic story while examining the best practiced uses in her situation, and also raise awareness of the ways she was deceived
  • Provide, though Beverly Carter's story, ways of helping others protect themselves
  • Empower agents through the following personal safety topics:
    • Verify the identity of their prospects and clients
    • Examine marketing for mixed messages
    • Build and maintain a "Buddy" system professionally and personally
    • Empower agents to be more diligent about trusting their instincts
    • Discuss ways that agents can keep safety at the forefront at their offices
    • Emphasize the importance of staying aware of your surroundings and understand bad people do not present themselves as such
    • Cultivate safer practices by promoting programs that encourage safe meeting places, and encourage the audience to ask others for feedback and to not become lazy about personal safety
    • Present important takeaways that encourage the audience to take precautions


May 30 | 2:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.

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Location: Hall B

Speaker: Carl Carter